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Contact Information Concerning Woodbine Cemetery

The Borough was recently informed by the DEP that Woodbine Cemetery was seeking an Air Pollution Control Permit to operate one human crematory at 14 Maple Ave. Ste. B, Oceanport, NJ.  Other than this letter NO notification has been provided to the Borough or any elected or appointed officials.

In January 2002 then Governor John Bennett signed into law legislation that would require the placement of any crematorium to secure the permission of the Governing Body of the municipality where the project was located. This bill was pushed and secured with strong support from the Borough. Unfortunately this law was repealed and the current law (passed in 2011) says that the only body authorized to approve the construction of a crematory is the New Jersey Cemetery Board, which also must notify the Commissioner of Health whenever an application for a new crematory is filed.  Presently, municipalities have no statutory authority to approve the siting of a crematory.

In checking with the DEP, the only  public notification of this pending permit was published in the Home News Tribune which is not even distributed in the Borough. The Administrator of the Borough has issued a strong statement on behalf of the Mayor and Council condemning such action and entering the Borough’s objection to the issuance of this air permit.  The Borough Engineer has also issued his objections on behalf of the Governing Body and raised technical questions to be answered. The Mayor and Council have also requested a public Hearing to be conducted on this permit in Oceanport. The Borough’s legislative delegation has also been alerted to our concern.

Your entire Governing Body will take whatever steps permitted under the law to stop this invasion into a prime residential section of our town. Smokestacks do not belong in residential neighborhoods and we are opposed to this attempt. We also feel that there has not been sufficient notice to allow the residents of Oceanport to be heard on an issue that concerns many of them. Notice in an out of town paper is just wrong.

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Welcome to Oceanport

The Borough of Oceanport, incorporated in 1920,is a predominantly residential community along the shores of the Shrewsbury River.

Oceanport is home of Monmouth Park Racetrack and Fort Monmouth. Though only 3.2 square miles, Oceanport's nearly six thousand residents enjoy not only the Shrewsbury River, but various recreational sports programs, an active senior group and a true feeling of community.

Oceanport boasts various volunteer organizations who give countless man hours to our community making it a place residents are proud to call home.

Mayor's Message

It's that time of year again. Summer has arrived and with it longer days and hopefully fantastic weather. Graduations ceremonies fill the calendar as Wolf Hill Kindergarteners, Maple Place Eight graders, Shore Regional seniors, and others mark a milestone in their educational journey. Great job students and congratulations to each of you and your families!

We've been making steady progress on several issues facing the borough. Discussions with FEMA lead by our technical team have identified the amount of reimbursement the borough can expect for the damages to our current municipal building. This amount will cover some $4.6 million in damages but after all the deductions for other insurance and payments already received, the amount is reduced to about $3.5 million dollars. These funds will be earmarked for the construction of a new municipal building. . Continue reading...


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