Alert- Extreme Cold Weather for our area

Major Outbreak Of Arctic Air...
Bitterly Cold Temperatures And Dangerous Wind Chills Will Move Into The Area.

Cold Spells Of This Magnitude Bring A Risk Of Frostbite And Hypothermia For Anyone Who Does Not Take Proper Precautions.

In Addition, Frozen Pipes And Overworked Furnaces Could Leave Your House Without Heat Or Running Water

Car Batteries Run The Risk Of Dying.

Make Sure Your Home And Car Have Plenty Of Fuel.

Never Venture Outdoors Without Wearing Gloves, A Hat And Several Layers Of Clothing. Wind Chill Values Could Lead To Frostbite In Less Than 30 Minutes If Proper Precautions Are Not Taken.

Check On Your Elderly Neighbors To Be Sure They Are Okay.

Run Water At A Trickle And Keep Cabinet Doors Open To Prevent Pipes From Freezing, Especially For Exposed Pipes And Those Along Exterior Walls.

Never Use A Stove Or Oven To Heat Your Home Or Use An Open Flame To Melt Frozen Pipes. Many House Fires Result From These Practices.

Check Tire Pressure And Your Car Battery. Be Sure Your Car Has A Winter Safety Kit That Includes A Blanket, Warm Clothes And Gloves In Case Your Car Breaks Down Or Becomes Stranded.

Take Extra Steps To Keep Your Pets Warm And Know Their Limits To The Cold.