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HOME IMPROVEMENT SCAMS & RIP-OffS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unlicensed seasonal and "here-today-gone-tomorrow" contractors are back in our area for the season.  They primarily attempt to conduct unlawful: Driveway repair & resealing, roof repair, painting, bogus chimney improvements, masonry work, home repair, and waterproofing.
According to the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs, New Jersey Law requires all Home Improvement Contractors to be registered with the State, and to prominently display their New Jersey Contractor's Registration number on ALL advertisments, flyers, signs, and commercial vehicles.  To verify that a contractor is licensed in New Jersey, visit: or call call 800-242-5846.
Oceanport Residents are requested to report any suspicious activity to Oceanport Police at 732-222-6300.
Oceanport residents continue to report scam and fraud activity.  Oceanport Police have been taking several reports of attempted scams and frauds.  The latest type of fraud investigations involve persons posing as relatives in need of assistance.  For example, the victim will receive a call from a person claiming to be a family member stranded in an off shore location in need of financial assistance due to some type of problem or accident.  The fake relative will request that a large amount of money be wired to an off shore location so that bail, fines, travel costs, etc will be able to be paid.  It is only after the money is sent that the victim realizes that the relative in need is actually a fraud.  This type of scam and fraud is on the rise.  Oceanport Police encourage our residents to be aware of these types frauds and to report any suspicious activity to Oceanport Police at 732-222-6300. 
Oceanport Police are warning residents that various Monmouth County Police Departments have reported that there are criminals posing as utility company employees.  These criminals come to the residence and advise that they are utility employees who need to check the residence.  They tell the resident that they are there to check on the utility service and request to come inside.  Once inside, they distract the resident and attempt to steal items inside the residence such as jewelry, cash, wallets and other valuables.    Utility employees carry identification.  If you experience someone attempting to gain acess to your residence who you are not sure about, please call Oceanport Police. 


Oceanport Police Bicycle Registration:
The Oceanport Police Department has a Bicycle Registration Program.  Residents may register their bicycles at Police Headquarters, free of charge, by filling out a registration form.  All you need is the name/make of bike color, serial number and description.  Bring the information to Police Headquarters and you will receive a sticker with a registration number to place on the bike.  Anyone with a question may call 732-222-6300 and ask for Ptl. Briskey or Disp. Mazzarella
Oceanport Police Warn Against Mail Fraud/Scams:
Oceanport Police are reporting that they have received numerous complaints and are investigating reports of various fraud schemes.  These schemes involve the sending of a fraudulent check to the victim with instructions to cash the check, keep a portion of the money, and/or deposit the rest in another account belonging to a third party or mail a check back with the balance.  Another scheme is where the victim is advised that they have won a lottery, vacation or other prize.  The victim is instructed to send money to the company that had advised them of the winnings as shipping, postage, insurance or administrative fees.  Once that money is received by the company, the FREE prize, gift or vacation will be sent.  Unfortunately, once these scammers get the victims money, the prize never materializes.
This kind of fraud is on the rise!
Residents are advised to be aware of these scams and to look for warning signs.  Most of the letters and checks received by victims look authentic.  Never send money or give out personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, dates of birth, or social security numbers to unfamiliar companies or third parties.  Do not pay for services promised, only pay for services delivered.  Always take your time in making a decision.  Legitimate companies will not pressure you to make a snap decision.  Never respond to an offer you do not understand thoroughly.  If you receive suspicious offers, call the Police or bring in the documents to Police Headquarters and show them to an officer.  Always remember, if it's too good to be true, it is!!
If you think you have been a victim of a scam or would like additional information regarding schemes, please call Oceanport Police at 732-222-6300.