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Oceanport Borough Hall:

315 E. Main Street
Oceanport, NJ 07757

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Jay Coffey

Honorable Jay Coffey
Mayor, Borough of Oceanport
315 E. Main Street
Oceanport, NJ 07757

Tel: 732.222.8221
Fax: 732.222.0904

Mayor's Message

May / June 2017

The weather is getting warmer and I am happy to announce that Oceanport’s residents and Action Campers will have a place to swim this summer because the Red Bank Community YMCA has agreed to take over operations of the Oceanport Swim Club at Blackberry Bay Park! The entire governing body is incredibly excited to have the YMCA as the operator of both the pool facility and the concession stand and we hope that the 2017 season is a successful one.

The summer season is when we’re reminded of how special it is that we live in a town like Oceanport. Monmouth Park opens its doors for live racing on May 13th and there are special events --- food trucks, classic cars, seafood, wine and chocolate, Irish, Italian, Latino and craft beer festivals, just to name a few --- scheduled there nearly every weekend. Monmouth Park is part of the fabric of our community and you owe it to yourself to spend a day there enjoying the horses, the people and the atmosphere. And please understand that the track’s operators and your local elected officials are doing everything in their power to get the State of New Jersey to return its horse racing industry and Monmouth Park to their rightful positions as the East Coast’s crown jewels.

But in your rush to sign up for the pool club or visit Monmouth Park this summer, I don’t want you to drive in excess of the posted speed limit. One of the hottest topics in town lately is the high rate of speed at which people are travelling along the streets of Oceanport. This is not a problem that is limited to Oceanport, but it is one that we are going to address in Oceanport and we’re going to address it right away. If you think that the price of tickets to the Broadway show “Hamilton” are expensive, wait till you see the price of the tickets for the “Oceanport Municipal Court Show.” Our mobile box offices --- you’ll recognize them by the red and blue lights on their roofs --- will be all over town this summer. You can order your tickets by exceeding the posted speed limit. And the best part is that the “Oceanport Municipal Court Show” requires audience participation, like the old off-Broadway show “Tony & Tina’s Wedding.” So, you not only get to see the show, you get to star in it! All kidding aside, those speed limit signs are there for a reason. This summer lots of kids are going to be walking and biking on the streets, there are going to be more cars on the streets now that the track, pool and beaches are opening and the Borough of Oceanport is going to be stepping up its enforcement of the posted speed limits. Slow down and enjoy the sights!

I’d like to close by thanking “Mayor For The Day” Jake Barnwell for presiding over the May 4, 2017 Borough Council Workshop Meeting. Inasmuch as Jake was able to conclude that workshop meeting in under one hour, approximately one third the time it usually takes for me to run a meeting, he now has an open invite from the remainder of the governing body to be “Mayor for the Day” whenever he gets the urge!

Honorable Jay Coffey
Mayor, Oceanport Borough, NJ