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mayor & council

Michael J. Mahon

Honorable Michael J. Mahon
Mayor, Borough of Oceanport
315 E. Main Street
Oceanport, NJ 07757

Tel: 732.222.8221
Fax: 732.222.0904

A Message from Our Mayor


Mayor's Message

Although Super Storm Sandy seems so long ago, to many it is still a nightmare for many of our residents still struggling with rebuilding. Borough Hall is no different. While we have been able to occupy a portion of the building since a few months after the storm in 2012, it has reached the point when it can no longer be occupied. The investigative process to substantiate damage and reconstruction costs has revealed a host of structural conditions that collectively raise serious concerns about the future of the building. For those reasons we’ve put a plan in place to relocate Borough offices to other Borough owned structures including the Old Wharf House (Borough offices), the Community Center (Oceanport Library), or in Fort Monmouth (police department). The Municipal Court will continue in the Borough of Shrewsbury municipal building. These changes will take place beginning in mid-February and into the month of March. The process with FEMA is ongoing as technical reports reveal the scope and costs to repair or replace the building. We’re making fast progress in a slow process but will keep residents informed each step of the way.

The winter of 2013-2014 has been noted for extreme cold and snow, snow, snow. While each and every snow storm is different the goals remain the same, safe roadways. Our Department of Public Works (DPW) is a small group of dedicated employees that have risen to the challenge again and again with great results immediately obvious when you travel outside our borders. The shortage of salt in the northeast has impacted our program in the last several weeks. Despite the shortage, applications of treated salt and plowing often supplemented by contractor equipment have kept roadways clear. Streets associated with school bus routes or adjacent to our schools receive special attention along with school grounds as part of a shared service between the Borough and the Board of Education. Every effort is made to restore safe travel for vehicles and pedestrians alike. The Oceanport DPW has earned a hearty THANK YOU from Oceanport residents for getting the job done, storm after storm this winter.

This winter also marked a change for the Borough Council. Long time council members William Johnson and Ted Ibex departed while Chris Paglia and Bert Lynch were sworn into office. Both men have hit the ground running and are already making substantial contributions. While Johnson and Ibex were key players on the Finance Committee (along with Joe Irace) keeping budgets under cap and marked the last two years without a tax increase; Lynch and Paglia come from a financial background as well and have combined their skills with Irace and our new Business Administrator John Bennett on the Finance Committee. Their efforts are critical with the costly and difficult Sandy issues still ahead.

Let’s hope spring arrives on time and the cold weather is replaced with warmer temps and longer days. Until then, stay warm and safe.

Honorable Michael J. Mahon
Mayor, Oceanport Borough, NJ