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Scholarship Opportunity - Sal Gentile Library Scholarship

Oceanport Library Association

Sal Gentile $1000 Scholarship


1. Must be an Oceanport resident.

2. Must be a high school Senior furthering their education.

3. Must submit a high school transcript.

4. Must submit a letter of recommendation from a subject area teacher.

5. Must submit a typed 200 minimum word essay on: How the library (school, local, county or other) contributed to your education.

6. Must submit by April 16, 2021 to: Oceanport Library, 8 Iroquois Ave., Oceanport, NJ 07757 Attention: Mrs. Risden



City, State, Zip__________________________________________________


Name of High School_____________________________________________

College Enrolled – Fall of 2021 _____________________________________

Signature of Student________________________________Date__________