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NOTICE - BOE 2/24 Meeting Rescheduled to 3/2



WHEREAS, Compliance is required with P.L. 1975, c. 231, with regard to the posting and publication of meeting notices;

WHEREAS, P.L. 1975, c. 231, was amended by P.L. 2020, c.11. (A3850/S2294) and approved by the Governor on March 20, 2020, permitting that during a period declared as a state of emergency a public body shall be permitted to perform any of the following by means of communication or other electronic equipment: conduct a meeting and any public business to be conducted thereat, cause a meeting to be open to the public, vote, or receive public comment without being deemed to have violated the provision of P.L.1975, c.231 (C.10:4-6 et seq.) in performing such functions by means of communication or other electronic equipment.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of the Oceanport School District has rescheduled the February 24, 2021 Regular Meeting, the new date and time is:

 Regular Meeting - March 2, 2021, 5:30 p.m.

This meeting, including public comment, will be held remotely via https://www.oceanportschools.org/zoomboe.

All scheduled meetings are open to the public. Instructions for members of the public to participate remotely will be posted on the District website https://www.oceanportschools.org. Formal action may be taken. The Board reserves the right to retire into Closed Session, and to exclude the public from such portions of the meeting in accordance with the P.L. 1975, c.231, upon adoption of a conforming Board Resolution for Executive Session.