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Explanation of Property Taxes

The overall property tax is actually made up of different taxes established by four separate taxing districts. The municipal purposes tax, for example, is used to finance municipal services such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, trash and recycling collection, snow removal, storm water drainage infrastructure maintenance and improvements, road maintenance and improvements, recreation, and general municipal administration.

The county tax is established by the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders and is used to finance county administration and county projects. This tax includes the county purposes tax, library tax, health tax and county open space tax. Questions about the county tax should be directed to the Monmouth County Administrator. The telephone number is 732-929-2147.

Local and regional school taxes, which make up the largest part of your tax bill, are used to finance the Oceanport School District and the Oceanport share of the Shore Regional School District. School budgets are adopted by elected Boards of Education. The Oceanport Mayor and Council, does not establish the school tax. Questions about the school tax should be directed to the appropriate school board.

Although the Tax Collector is responsible for collecting all of these taxes, the Mayor and Council only authorizes the municipal purposes tax and the municipal open space fund. The other three taxing agencies, all of which are comprised of independent governing bodies elected by the voters, establish their own tax rates.