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Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor 

John E. Butow

5 pm - 7 pm

(732) 222-8179 x106

Tax Assessor Department Information

The Assessor inspects the building exterior, foundations, roof, porches, siding, and measures the dimensions of the building.  An interior inspection provides information on plumbing, heating, floors, walls, etc.  All this information is noted on the field sheet and transferred to the permanent property record card in the office.  The building is sketched, classified and priced from a cost manual.  The cost manual assures that the same unit prices will be used for all property of comparable construction.  Land values are computed separately using land value maps. 
If an individual believes their assessment is inequitable, they may discuss this with the Assessor.  All appeals for current year must be filed with the Monmouth County Tax Board at the Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ, on or before January 15th of the current tax year.  All appeals from added assessments for new construction, additions, or alterations for the current year must be filed with the Monmouth County Tax Board on or before Dec. 1ST of the current year.


The Borough of Oceanport has engaged Realty Data Systems (“RDS”) to conduct the mandated property inspections pursuant to the Assessment Demonstration program. This program requires an 8-year inspection cycle, which starts immediately after the last revaluation.  If your property is scheduled to be inspected you will receive a letter from RDS informing you that the inspectors will be in your neighborhood in the coming weeks.  If you are not home during their initial visit, the exterior inspection will continue and instructions will be left for scheduling an interior inspection. 

If RDS is unable to inspect the interior my office will have to estimate all interior information which may result in errors on your property record card and total assessment.

The inspection routes are predetermined, but RDS will do their best to accommodate property owners.  All RDS personnel will carry identification.  The Oceanport Police Department has the inspector’s background information.

If you would like to refuse the inspection, which may result in inaccurate information, please visit www.rdsnj.com, click APPOINTMENTS to select refusal form.


The first properties to be inspected are located in:

Blocks 1-13

Portions of Blocks 45-71 and 122

You will receive notice in the mail if you will be inspected during this inspection cycle


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.