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Dear Residents with properties on or abutting the following Roadways:


Street to be Improved                                      Limits / Section of Roadway

Comanche Drive Phase 4                                  Pocahontas Avenue to Monmouth Blvd

Seneca Place                                                       Itaska Place to Ausable Ave

Driveway                                                               Entire Road  

Nicholson Place                                                   Entire Road

Shapen Way                                                         Entire Road

River Street                                                          Entire Road

Vreeland Place                                                   Entire Road

Morris Place                                                        Entire Road

Milton Ave                                                            Belmar Ave to Sea Girt Ave

South Pemberton Ave                                         Wolf Hill Ave to TRWRA Pump Station Driveway

  • The Borough is planning on paving the above-named roadways or portions thereof as part of its 2023 Road Program if funding permits. Paving is planned for late Fall (Oct./Nov.) and some roadways may be paved in Spring 2024.
  • This is notice of your opportunity to perform any plans to upgrade your present utility service, driveway apron, or other work that impacts the Borough’s Right of Way. You are strongly advised to do so now. Once construction has been completed, no street openings will be allowed for a five-year period, barring any emergencies. Therefore, if you are contemplating changing from oil to gas or increasing your water service, now is the time to contact your utility company.
  • Once the road improvements have been contracted and funded, the contractor will provide notice to you just prior to the work commencing in order to make arrangements to move your cars if the street is going to be blocked off for any period of time.
  • We also would like to advise you that the Borough cannot be responsible for damages made to sprinkler heads or any other improvements that have been placed in the Borough Right of Way. “Other improvements” includes, but is not limited to, any curbing, driveway aprons, plantings, planters, trees, address markers, irrigation systems, drainage systems, mailboxes, fountains and/or sprinklers. Please be aware that the limits of the right of way do not necessarily terminate at the curb line or end of street pavement and you should refer to your own boundary survey to ascertain the extent of your property lines and any improvements you might have that fall in the Borough Right of Way.

                Should you have any questions please contact my office.