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MAYOR'S MESSAGE - Dec'23/Jan'24

December 2023/January 2024

If you read newspapers, listen to talk radio, follow a news feed online, or watch the news on television, it seems as if nothing good happens anywhere, ever, to anybody, that our world is in the worst shape in history and things are only going to get much, much worse. On a grand scale, we are bombarded with negativity 24 hours a day by media outlets, and the harsh, unforgiving divide in our political class has been cultivated and exacerbated news media’s insatiable appetite for content. If you are wondering why it seems that people in general seem angrier and less civil than ever before, look no further than how our media portrays our world on a daily basis. But, if we’re honest about it and apply a bit of perspective, the media, with the complicity of our political leaders, are collectively producing the world’s greatest work of fiction. Things are not worse than ever, they’re better than ever.