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Volunteers Needed for Water Watch Committee

The Water Watch Committee is in need of additional members! If you have any interest in serving on this Committee that is vital to the protection of our waters, please complete a Volunteer Application available here:


The purpose of this article shall be to create a Water Watch Committee in the Borough of Oceanport to provide for the monitoring of water quality of the rivers, bays, streams and other waterways in and surrounding the Borough of Oceanport, to detect sources of water pollution and to recommend to the Mayor and Council policies or action to be taken or adopted by the Borough to eliminate or reduce such pollution.
To effectuate it purposes, the Committee shall have the power to:
 Obtain equipment and supplies necessary for the monitoring and testing of water quality and the detection of pollution.
Conduct periodic testing and sampling of the rivers, bays, streams and other waterways in and surrounding the Borough to determine the quality of such water and to detect and identify the presence, nature and source of any water pollution.
Establish liaison with other governmental organizations and agencies to fulfill the purposes established by this article.
Design and implement community-wide educational programs intended to foster public awareness of the sources of water pollution and to encourage individual actions likely to reduce or eliminate levels of water pollution.
(5)  Research sources of funding for the activities of the Committee.