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Crime Prevention Message from the Oceanport Police

Due to the recent increase in high end motor vehicle thefts throughout the area, and specifically one vehicle theft within the Borough last week, the Oceanport Police Department is reminding residents and visitors to lock all vehicles and remove the Key Fobs and valuables from within their vehicles.
Do not leave vehicles running or unattended while running, even for a few minutes. Thieves are canvassing local neighborhoods, even in daylight hours, looking for the opportunity to steal unlocked or idling vehicles. There have been numerous incidents throughout the County of vehicle thefts involving unlocked vehicles with the keys or key Fobs left inside those vehicles. Do not give these thieves the opportunity to steal your vehicle:

1. Lock your vehicles.
2. Remove keys and Key Fobs from within the vehicles.
3. Park your vehicles in your driveways
4. Ensure that your exterior lights and motion sensing lights work.
5. Remove all valuables from within your vehicle.
6. Report any suspicious persons or vehicles in your neighborhood to 911 or the Oceanport Police Department at 732-222-6300.

The Oceanport Police will continue to be vigilant and have increased patrol coverage throughout the Borough. We are working with surrounding police agencies, as well as agencies on the County and State level to combat and curtail this serious issue.
We ask for your assistance in this matter and follow the above listed tips.
Thank You.